Facade cleaning system procedures and safety measures

Ensuring employee safety always ensures employee loyalty.

Safety at heights is the basic requirement for the kind of work carried out in this Industry

• We have certain regulation for working on heights and for the use of Rope access, Scaffolding’s & Boom Lifts. We provide test certification for the materials used for Rope accessing system.

• We make sure that the Labour on site is well trained and has extensive training on the equipment’s to be used, how to use them, safety features and practices. We train their cleaners, not just in cleaning skills but in skills of working on heights. Since window cleaners scale and descend buildings that are more than 50m high, it is imperative that cleaners be medically checked for ailments that could affect their performance. In some sites, medical checkup are done every day before staring the work.

• The following medical checkups are carried: Heart disease High or low blood pressure Epilepsy / fits / Giddiness / difficulty with balance Impaired limb function Alcohol or drug dependence, Psychiatric Illness, Obesity Diabetes. Proper Training is given before they are selected for cleaning at heights. Staffs are trained for a month and certified after a rigorous three-month long practical training at the site. All the staffs are provided with accident Insurance, ESI and PF. All the equipment’s used for the height work process will have test certifications.


• Obtaining inspection certificate from competent person for Rope, Descender, Shunt fall arrester and Harness

• Conducting premedical check-up for all upsailers

• Daily Pre Inspection of Descending Kit & Rope shall be done by User and weekly inspection done by safety person in the prescribed checklist

• Fixing of life line rope with identified anchorage point at roof and installation of descender/shunt fall arrester in the life line rope.

• Providing cushion arrangements in sharp edges of the parapet wall

• All the half way opened glass panel doors, materials protruding through the open vents shall be kept closed and removed respectively, the same shall be ensured prior starting the work.

• Deployment of watch person at roof and bottom with walkie-talkie

• Provide barricading minimum 6 meters radius at bottom to create safe clearance zone.

• Upsailer shall be allowed to descend through rope after verifying all the requirements by EHS inspectors/Front line supervisor(From point no-1 to 8).

• Descending through rope and cleaning of glass/façade/ACP panel

• Two workers shall be used for the activity and shall work in nearby sway location whom shall be readily available in case of emergency for the co – worker, and rescue shall be initiated by the second person available.

• Person shall be allowed for working continuously 4 hours maximum after that, he has to take rest for a minimum 1 hour for further resuming job.

• Job shall be carried out during sun light ( 6:00 am to 6:00 pm). No night work shall not be allowed.

• Minimum two carabinar hook shall be used. One for hooking descender and shunt fall arrester and another one can be used for rescue another upsailer who is working nearby during an emergency.

• Passenger/service lift shall be used for accessing to terrace.

• Periodical medical check-up shall be carried out for all upsailers once in fortnight.

• Access ladder shall be provided for accessing form terrace to parapet wall top.